The Filou Easter Cup

Location: Hoboken-Antwerp, Belgium

Dates: 31 Mar 2018 to 01 Apr 2018

Type: Not Official

Category: Adult Men



Hoboken Pioneers (Belgium)

Vikings (Denmark)

Odense Old Stars (Denmark)

SK Kotlarka (Czech)

Ledenice Sharks (Czech)

National Team Germany (Germany)

Geo-Per (United States)

Meteors (Great Britain)

Contact person: Arjan Baanen - a.baanen(at)upcmail.nl

Official Federations

  • CEB
  • Olympic
  • World Anti-doping Agency
  • WBSC
  • Enjoy it
  • Tecnovap
  • Whistle shop
  • Bownet
  • Nieuwe Erf