The German Women's National Team had to admit defeat twice in Enschede, Netherlands, in the continuation of the friendly series against the Dutch National Team on Sunday, August 30. Number 2 in the European ranking, team Netherlands won two games with the result of 0-7 and 0-10.

On Game 1, the German leadoff got a hit against Dutch pitcher Rebecca Soumeru, who then controlled the attack and did not allow any runs. The Netherlands took the lead, and Germany's defense managed to keep the Dutch National Team scoreless only at the third and fifth innings. The game ended at the sixth inning due to mercy rule, with a 0-7 result.

Game 2 saw the Netherlands taking control from the beginning, and being quickly 6-0, while the Dutch pitcher Eva Voortman controlled the German bats. The only chance for Germany was when Lea Salomon made it to third base but did not manage to score. After four innings, the 10-0 result allowed the Netherlands to take the win, thanks to the 10-run superiority rule.

Thanks to Softbaldino TV live stream, it is possible to rewatch the games here.

Back in July, the Netherlands took both games against Germany with the results of 1-9 e 2-12.
Depending on the course of the coronavirus pandemic, two more games are planned for September 20.

/ Elda Ghilardi
Photos courtesy of Sascha Schneider