Today, on Saturday, September 12, Panthers Wrocław Softball became the Polish National Champion at the Little League facility in Kutno.

The team from Wroclaw won one day in advance, with 10 wins on 12 games in the whole season. Although losing 6-2 against runner-up Gepardy Żory earlier in the day, the Panthers managed to win against Stal Kutno with the result of 5-1.

The silver medal went to Gepardy Żory with a record of 9 wins and 3 losses. The bronze medal went to Stal Kutno, according to the ranking of the 2020 season, with a record of 3 wins and 9 losses.

The Polish softball season had to start later than usual because of the COVID-19 pandemic. The first games of the season were played on the first weekend of July.

Four teams took part in the 2020 Polish season: Panthers Wrocław, Diamonds Warszawa, Gepardy Żory, and MKS Stal BiS Kutno.

On July 5, the Panthers Wrocław also won the Polish Cup defeating Gepardy Żory during the final of the tournament. To get to the final, the Panthers Wrocław first won against MKS Stal BiS Kutno 10-3, and then against Gepardy Żory at the semifinal with the result 2-0.

/ Elda Ghilardi
Photos courtesy of Panthers Wrocław instagram and Polish Baseball Softball Federation