After a very contended final, team Carrousel manages to win the 2020 Russian Cup.

The final of the Russian Cup saw the same protagonists as the final of the 2020 Russian National Championship: Team Carrousel and RusStarRusStar managed to win the Title of Russian National Champion, making history, defeating Carrousel for the first time after 27 years.

In the final for the Russian Cup, Carrousel scored twice at the bottom of the second, fourth, and sixth innings. National Champion RusStar did not give up and, under some heavy rain, scored 5 runs. With the runner to tie the game on third and 2 outs, a line-drive in the glove of Carrousel third baseman ended the game.

Carrousel took the Russian Cup, winning the game at the RusStar Arena in Moscow with the result of 6-5.

The exciting game was live-streamed at the RusStarArena Moscow YouTube Channel.

Carrousel will represent Russia at the 2021 Women's European Cup Winners Cup in Saronno, Italy. RusStar qualified for the 2021 Women's European Premiere Cup in Buttrio, Italy.

/ Elda Ghilardi
Photos courtesy of RusStar and Carrousel instagram