With just one defeat in the preliminary round, the Linz Witches & Bandits team prevailed against the Vienna Wanderers in the COED Austrian Final in Wels.

On Saturday and Sunday, six Austrian teams battled to win the title of 2020 Austrian CoEd Champion. In the COED Slowpitch, there are always as many women as men per team. The ratio is always being balanced in the infield, outfield, and also in the battery (pitcher/catcher). 

After a round-robin on Saturday and Sunday morning, the semi-finals and placement games were on the agenda for the top4 teams.

The team from Linz, Witches & Bandits, ended up winning all the games but one during the 2-day tournament. On Sunday, The Linz team won the final against the Vienna Wanderers with the result of 15 - 26.

Final ranking:

  1. ASKÖ Linz Stamm - Witches / Bandits
  2. Vienna Wanderers
  3. Wr. Neustadt Rubberducks
  4. Stockerau Racoons
  5. Red Benno Ballers
  6. Red Vikings

Find all the results of the tournament on the Austrian Baseball and Softball Federation website

On September 12, the Witches Linz also conquered the Title of Austrian Fastpitch Champion against the Vienna Wanderers.

/ Elda Ghilardi
Photos courtesy of Chickens Wels