The Joudrs made it again: the Czech title is back in their hands after four years.

Two teams from Prague fought to win the final of the Czech “Extra-League”, Czech First Division championship. Eagles Prague faced Joudrs in a best-of-3 series.

The Joudrs took the first two games, also taking the series, with the results of 11-4 and 2-0

The second game of the series was a very balanced one. Joudrs took the lead in the first, when Veronika Klimplová hit a single, made it to third thanks to Eva Rendlová’s double and scored on a error.

The 1 to nothing lead doubled at the sixth, when Eva Rendlová hit a home-run to close the game 2-0.

This is the seventh title for the orange and blue team after the last one in 2016.

Team Eagles took the silver and 2019 Defending Champions Žraloci Ledenice took the bronze.

/ Elda Ghilardi 

Photos courtesy of Jan Beneš / Beny Photo