The Czech Softball Federation announced the awards regarding the 2020 season.

Starting off with the youth category, Jakub Osička and Adéla Šimůnková won the "Best Junior" award.

Osička plays in the men's Extraliga for Locos Břeclav and is a guest of the Snails Kunovice in the junior top competition. Jakub Osička was the key to the 2020 success of the Czech Junior National Team at the World Championships.

Šimůnková is a player of the Joudrs Praha. In the junior top competition, she reached the highest batting average (.531) and the highest OBA (.625).

As for the Women's Extraliga, the Czech highest league, Eliška Thompsonová won the best batter award, with an OPS of 1,438, 47 hits, and .485 as a batting average.

Apolena Výborná won the best pitcher of the Women's Extraliga 2020. In 93 innings, Excellent got 11 victories, a 1.51 ERA, and 84 strikeouts, only allowing 66 hits and 20 runs.

Gabriela Slabá was the Czech player to have the most RBI in the league.

Eliška Slaninová was nominated as the MVP play-off of the Women's Extraliga 2020, thanks to her playoffs performance hitting .615.

As for the Men's Extraliga 2020, Marek Malý won the best hitter award, the best pitcher, and hit the most home runs. To be the best batsman and pitcher at the same time? Marek Malý showed it is possible.

Michal Holobrádek won the MVP in the play-off of Men's Extraliga for 2020: in seven games, he gained 5 Ws.

Jonáš Hajný, a young pitcher of the Žraloci Ledenice, won the public vote on the personality of the year for the leaugue.

As for the Coaches' awards, Tomáš Kusý won the award of Coach of the Year for the Extraliga Women and Extraliga Juniors under 20.

As for the Extraliga men and Extraliga juniors under 20, Jan Řápek was nominated Coach of the Year.

In the Youth category, Petr Katz and Helena Novotná won the Coach of the Year awards. In 2020, Novotná launched the Clash of Skills project.

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