The Danish Softball Women's and Men's Leagues started on April 17, 2021.

Last weekend, the 2021 softball seasons started in Denmark. After the first couple of games, the Barracudas are leading the women's softball league, and the Hurricanes the men's one.

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The Danish Softball Women's League saw three of its five teams play on April 17, 2021. The Royals, the Barracudas, and the 2020 Danish Champions Giants battled on the Danish opening day. In the first game of the season, the Royals defeated the Giants 15-10. Then, the Hørsholm Barracudas won against the Giants (0-15) and the Royals (18-16).

Teams Vikings and Diamonds have not yet made their first appearances, scheduled for April 30 and May 5.
Find the schedule, results, and standings for the Danish Softball Women's League here.

Photo by Jan Beneš

As for the Danish Softball Men's League, the Hurricanes are leading after the opening day, winning both games against the Gators (0-7) and the Vikings (6-1). Then, the Gators won against the Vikings (8-4).

The 2020 Danish Champions Stenløse Bulls have not yet played, and their debut is scheduled for April 30 against the Hurricanes, recreating the 2020 Danish Men's Championship Game.
Find the schedule, results, and standings for the Danish Softball Men's League here.

Photo courtesy WBSC

/ Elda Ghilard
Cover photo courtesy of WBSC