For the second time, the Croatian Softball Club "Princ Zagreb" launched the project "Volunteering for Sport vol. 2" welcoming two volunteers for one year. Erasmus + European Solidarity Corps funds the project.

Last February, Softball Club Princ welcomed two volunteers, one from Slovenia and one from Slovakia, for the "Volunteering for Sport" project. The project's goal is to promote solidarity among young people through sport while also raising awareness of a healthy lifestyle and the benefits of sports.

Via different activities, the volunteers have an impact on the club's athletes as well as the entire local community. They are primarily responsible for assisting with the team's events, such as children's practices, softball promotion, and field maintenance.  If possible, the volunteers also assist in organising tournaments, camps, and softball presentations in schools, which is a way to include young people in sport. This project allows the club's athletes to speak a foreign language and learn more about different cultures.

Volunteers, on the other hand, profit from the project almost as much as the club does. They have the opportunity to discover a new culture, learn a foreign language, develop new skills, and spend time abroad. They will surely return home with a large number of new friends and unforgettable memories. This project is implemented and financially supported through the organization European Solidarity Corps.

"I'm glad I chose to participate in this project and get to know the wonderful people at Softball Club Princ. It allows me to do what I enjoy most while still allowing me to travel, explore and learn about new cultures. Finally, it allows me to develop my skills and grow as an individual and athlete. So far, this experience has been fantastic, and I am loving every minute of it!" said Lenka Gunišová, a Slovakian volunteer.

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