Princ Plavi won the Women's Softball Croatian National Championship and the Croatian Cup. Medvednica Mrki Medvedi won the Men's Softball Croatian National Title and Zagreb Giants conquered the Croatian Cup.

Princ Plavi topped Team Medvednica in three games in the best-of-five series to win the Women's Softball Croatian National Title.  In game one, Princ defeated Medvenica in four innings, 12-2, taking the lead of the series. In the second game of the series, Princ Plavi scored 18 runs to secure the win at the sixth inning for mercy rule, 18-8. Princ Plavi took game three, 7-0, to be crowned Croatian National Champions.

Team Princ also won the Croatian Cup and the Zagreb Championship to crown an excellent 2021 season.

Rita Despot (Medvednica) was named best hitter of the Croatian National League, Michaela Haramini (Princ Plavi) was named the best pitcher, and Tihana Hrženjak (Princ Plavi) took the award for the most valuable player.

In the Men's Softball Croatian National League, the defending champions Medvednica Mrki Medvedi faced SK Zagreb Giants for the title of Croatian national champion in a best-of-five series. 

Medvednica Mrki Medvedi took the lead in the series, winning game one, 7-2. Zagreb Giants answered dominating game two to win, 11-1, and tie the series. Zagreb Giants also managed to win game three, 12-5, despite a strong start by Medvednica Mrki Medvedi that scored five runs in the first inning. Medvednica Mrki Medvedi tied the series again, winning game four, 5-3, and taking the series to game five. In the last game of the series, Zagreb Giants lead until the fifth inning, 7-3. In the sixth inning, Medvednica Mrki Medvedi scored five runs to take the lead again, 8-7. Zagreb Giants tried a comeback but only managed to score twice. Medvednica Mrki Medvedi took the victory, 10-9, and retained the Croatian National Title.

In the Croatian National Cup, Team Span defeated Medvednica Mrki Medvedi to access the final and play against Zagreb Giants. SK Zagreb Giants prevailed in the championship game, 13-2, to win the Croatian Cup and secure a spot in the Men's Softball European Super Cup in 2022 with Medvednica.

The best pitcher in the Croatian Men's Softball League in 2021 was Bruno Kukolja. Luka Mektić was named the best hitter, and Matija Balent was named the MVP.

/ Cover picture by Grega Valančič