New website presentation by the co. is following on the project of last year’s website for Womens‘ European Championship held in Prague which got positive reactions from the Czech and foreign fans. Also will offer game reports and post-game comments from all games, background peeks and connection with social networks. The main change will be in possibility to watch all games online. 

Everybody can watch every game through traditional play-by-play coverage secured by the European Softball Association. However this time there will be also streamed video coverage from all 27 games to be played. This broadcast will include commentaries and it will be provided by, but you will be available to watch it right through the official website and even look at the games again after the championship ends. The access to the video will be completely free.  

Anyway, the key thing for new website should be a quality content in two languages. There will be detailed game reports and coaches‘ comments to each game, but also some articles and interviews from outside the field. Another strong part should be in multimedia content, thus pictures and videos. The website is well tested to work well and provide an easy orientation also on smartphones and other devices with an internet access.  Profiles on social networks are taken for granted as well. „We’ll be active on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. Unlike during last year’s women‘s tournament, we decided to use the offiial profiles of the Czech Softball Association, which will stay active even after the championship ends. The Facebook comments should serve especially to the Czech fans as the Twitter account will offer mainly actualities and quick results,“ Hrdina explains. 

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