Netherlands 16-2 Croatia: Dutch smash poor Croatian defence in one-sided win

The Croats were 2-0 up after the first inning and it seemed like they could surprise with a nice result against a strong opponent, but they collapsed defensively late and lost by a mercy rule in the fourth inning. 

Israel 1-22 Czech Republic: Home run derby in Pardubice continues with Czech slams

As most expected, another clear win took place in Pardubice on Tuesday. The Czechs proved their quality against Israel and with lots of big hits and a few home runs, and closed ended the game after just three innings.

Belgium 0-5 Great Britain: Home run derby in Pardubice continues with Czech slams

Great Britain´s Kyle Linton pitched a complete-game no-hitter as his team won 5-0 to stay perfect at the European Championship. He had to pitch the full seven innings because Belgium put up a good fight defensively, allowing only 5 runs on 8 hits.

Israel 3-2 Croatia: Not even Jerbic’s home run enough to defeat Israel

Both teams wanted to win this game desperately and Israel turned out the luckier one in the end. They punished every error the Croats gave them, but despite that it was a dramatic game decided in the seventh inning.

Netherlands 0-10 Czech Republic: Big win for Czechs vs one of the favourites

Just like in their first three games, the tournament hosts kept hitting well and started adding runs right from the beginning. An emotional start resulted into ejection of Israel Nukunuku, who watched rest of the game from the stands. His team lost 10-0 in four innings.

Denmark 5-4 Great Britain: Denmark edges Britain in Tuesday night thriller

Both teams entered the game with perfect records, but only one could keep it. In the end, it was Denmark that prevailed 5-4, thanks to a 4-run fifth inning, which included a 3-run homer by Daniel Julenon.