Belgium 3:10 Netherlands – The Dutchmen won over Belgium with massive start

It was an interesting game since most of the Dutchmen play regularly in the Belge league. However they proved their qualities and took a big lead right in the beginning, which they carried through the rest of the game.

Denmark 17:0 Croatia – Denmark homered through to another clear win

It was a home-run show from the Danes, who hit four of them beating Croatia in what was clearly a one-sided game. Each inning, Denmark scored more runs than the previous one and, since they didn’t concede any with their solid defence, they had a nice warm-up game for their game against the Dutchmen in the evening.

Israel 0:7 Great Britain – Derby didn’t let any runs to the Israeli batters

The Israelis held off the British bats for a while, but couldn´t last forever. The game was scoreless after three innings, but Team GB exploded for 5 runs in the fourth, en route to a 7-0 six-inning victory. James Darby pitched the whole game, giving up 2 hits and striking out 13 Israeli batters.

Netherlands 3:10 Denmark – The Danes won over Netherlands grabbing the second place

Big win for the Danes as they defeated Netherlands and secured second place in the group, bronze medal from this tournament and mainly spot in the next year´s World Championship, which will take place in Whitehorse, Yukon in Canada.

Great Britain 4:5 Czech Republic – The home side finished group with another win, Darby pitched twelve innings a day

It was the very last game of the round-robin stage of the tournament, and the playoff seedings were already determined. Nonetheless, the Czech Republic and Great Britain played an entertaining game, with the Czechs finishing on top 5-4. The Czechs finish first and will face Denmark tomorrow, while the Brits finish fourth and will take on the Netherlands.