A number of the ESF Executive Committee members attended the ISF World Championship in Haarlem in order to attend meetings with representatives of other Federations and included and EC meeting held on August 20.

Meetings were held with ESF Affiliated Federations officials who attended the WCh, such as Serbia, Sweden, Great Britain, Ireland and others. Other meetings were held with representatives from our  over sea counterparts who participated in the WCh. Leaders of  New Zealand, Japan, USA softball and the representatives of the  organizers of next World Championships in Surrey 2016. The meetings have opened the doors for future co-operation and development , mainly about the position of Europeans countries on the world softball scene.

ISF President Dale McMann and ISF Executive Director Ron Radigonda met with the ESF Executive Committee and shared the future general plan of the ISF.

The meetings were productive and have now opened opportunities for all our Affiliated Federations in their development. More to come in the following weeks.