Exchange umpires program between ESF and Canada is running successfully already fourth year. Sabrina Fabrizi (ITA) and Ralph Jürgen Rex participated in this program in current year. Below are their experiences from Canada.


As for my stay in Canada I have to say exceptional colleagues were all very helpful, I have lent their clothing without any problem the level of play really amazing fast games and pitchers really professional and correct, I was umpire throughout my stay 14 games and I must say that I really happy.Un little misunderstanding I was not allowed to umpire more games (Brian had realized that I had knee problems but never in Canada have been so good with my legs) but that's okay. A wonderful experience that I hope will make all 

Thanks again



At the Canadian championship tournament (SP men) I had 19 games, 14 field jobs and 5 plate jobs, include in the gold medal final I was the RF-Umpire (5-man-system).

I had a great time there, the Canadian championship tournament on the fields and outside was very well organized and it was a great experience for me.

For me was the biggest difference:

1.)  the pitch level in Slow Pitch, the book rule (ISF and Canada) say min. 6 feet to max. 12 feet, but on the Canadian men playing level we use min. 5 feet to 10 feet.

2.) we used the three man system with going out at the Canadian championship tournament and it works.

3.) the other difference of Slow Pitch scene between Europe and this Canadian tournament was the direct pressure and the direct influence of team members on the umpire.

4.) all playing fields were excellent.

I send you my evaluation form from this tournament, I hope it is okay for you.

I would like to say thank you very much to you for the nomination of this honourable task and I was proud to represent the ESF in Canada.

Greetings from Hamburg / Germany