Broaden your knowledge at the European Coach Clinic

Renowned baseball and softball speakers you can not miss

The Netherlands play a prominent part in international baseball and softball. The Dutch baseball team is fifth on the IBAF World Rankings, where the Dutch softball team ended sixth at the last World Cup. The  knowledge needed for these successes will be present on 13 and 14 December at the European Coach Clinic (ECC) in the Van der Valk Hotel Rotterdam-Blijdorp. At this fine location trainers and coaches can stimulate their baseball and softball knowledge during the presentations and seminars that will be given. Exceptional for this year is the expansion of the softball program to two days in two areas.

Trainers and coaches can stimulate their baseball and softball knowledge!


 The list of clinicians is impressive. The baseball program consists of no other then Jerry Weinstein, Larry Young, Kyle Boddy and Wytse Dijkstra.

Weinstein ended his activities as assistant coach last year and is currently responsible for player development in the minor leagues at the Colorado Rockies. Larry Young is a former MLB umpire with an excellent record. Kyle Boddy is owner of Driveline Baseball, a company that is set up to develop pitchers to the next level in the United States. Wytse Dijkstra is a mental, physical and tactical trainer and educator of special forces around the globe like the Navy seals, DVA and SWAT.


The main speakers at the softball program are Michele Smith (photo) and Jen Schroeder. Smith will return to the Netherlands after her successful clinic in Haarlem during the WC Softball. As pitcher of team USA she won two Olympic titles and numerous other prizes. Schroeder, ex-player of the famous UCLA Bruins, now owns her own company specialized in instructing catchers. She is regarded one of America’s best softball instructors. Registration The ECC will be held for the 28th time this year, don’t miss out on this unique opportunity. You won’t find any other place with so much knowledge as during this annual gathering for trainers and coaches in Europe. Do not wait any longer and register for 13 or 14 December, or the weekend. Go to in order to register.

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