ESF in cooperation with Collecchio organizers presents great news for the 4th EMRYT

Applications are open for this year’s youth tournament: EMRYT - FESTIVAL OF YOUTH! Save the date – 12th – 15th August 2015. We expect a significant number of competing teams as many exciting innovations have been made for this event.

There’s NO ENTRY FEE this year and a great deal on accommodation at a reduced price for a second national team. Each participant will receive a free T-shirt with the tournament logo as gift from ESF.

New “TWO-SECTIONS SYSTEM” will be used at this year’s EMRYT. Each team can decide (based on their ambitions, experience and skill level), whether to play in the SPORT section for an increased challenge, or in the FUTURE section to develop the team’s skills and experience the game in a tournament.

Deadline for applications has been extended until April 15th 2015. Application form “Entry form for cups” is available on the ESF website in the Documents section.

Don’t miss this excellent opportunity!

Accommodation deal:

€1.300 per team – Amount charged to visiting teams lodged in our gymwith a roster of up to 16 people

€400 per team – Amount charged to the second team OF the sameclub or national team, with a roster of up to 16 people

€80 per person – Amount for each person over 16 (up to 25, the maximumnumber of people in roster)

Contact information: Carlo Levati, posta@collecchio-bs.it