ESF established a new official competition – European Super Cup Junior Women (ESCJW)

Tournament will be held in Ostrava, Czech Republic; July 6th – 11th


This tournament was established as a higher level of softball tournament for women who are just a step before they enter the adult category. Get your teams in!

  • Affiliated Federations may enter up to two teams from their national competition or any selection. The executive council of each Affiliated Federation must nominate and approve each team entering this competition. As a concession to the leading countries of junior women’s fast pitch in Europe, three teams may be entered by the countries which have finished in the first three places (medal winners) of the previous EChJW.
  • The players participating to the ESCJW are not subject to a player’s licence. The Application Form for Licences is not requested for this tournament. At the ID control in the tournament the team shall present its Official Competition Roster and Passport or ID cards of all players listed in this roster.
  • Starting from 10 teams: competing teams will be seeded and divided into pools. Seeding will be done based on the ranking of the previously completed ESCJW. Teams that did not play in a previous year's ESCJW competition will receive consideration as regards seeding. Pools shall be structured to avoid, if at all possible, teams from the same Affiliated Federation playing against each other. At the end of pool games, teams shall be sorted by ranking and play a double elimination round for each of the SUPER CUP and the CUP II.

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Entry form here