We're bringing you a possibility to win a trip to final two days of an ESF event 2015 of your choice!

ESF 2015 Photofest is a photo contest that consists of 4 theme-based rounds and one Grand final round. The winner of the Grand final will be awarded by a softball trip and a photographer accreditation for the event.

First round starts February 22nd, photos recieved before March 26th 8pm GMT will be registered to the contest. Pick up to 3 of your softball photos from any country, any league, any competition... that matches the topic: EMOTIONS IN THE GAME. (Don't forget to consider the authors' rights). You can also include a story behind the picture, that will be presented along with the image.

Six-member jury will choose the winner of each round together with audience, who becomes the seventh member of the jury through their likes on Facebook. Only winners of the four rounds will get the chance to compete in the Grand final round.

Before attending the contest, make sure to go through this document and follow the instructions for submitting your photos to the contest (photofest@europeansoftball.org).