As you know, next year the ISF Women’s World Championship will be played for the first time in Europe. Haarlem will host this event on 15-24 August 2014.

The dates for this event will conflict with the usual dates for holding the European Women’s Cups, which are played in the third complete week in August. (CR 01.04.02: “The European Cups for Women shall be played each year in the third complete week of August.”)

Because of this, the EC has decided to make an exception for 2014 for the dates for the Women’s Cups. For 2014, the Women’s Cups will be played in the first complete week in September in 2014. The Date of Super Cup Men remains unchanged. Thus:

European Super Cup Men 25-30 August 2014 European Women’s Cups 1-6 September 2014

This exception is valid only for 2014. All other relevant dates remain unchanged.

Gabriel Waage ESF
First Vice President