TCs and UICs met in middle of March in Rome and discussed all issues regarding successful running ESF tournaments. This kind of meeting is held every two years started 2009 with intention to unify the views to all aspects of running of the ESF tournaments and to implement new policy with same emphasis.

The meeting was opened by Gabriel Waage, ESF 1st Vice President on Friday evening, when structure of ESF technical staff was introduced including of role of every committees (Technical, Umpire, Scoring, Competition and Disciplinary) and also information about approved news by Congress in Dublin. Saturday morning session was headed by ESF Technical Director Mike Jennings, who put on the table all issues for discussion. Saturday afternoon session was held separately – UICs was headed by Director of Umpires Andrea Marcon and TCs by Mike Jennings. Those groups discussed all presented issues including their internal with intention to bring solutions to Sunday morning, when was held last session of both groups together. Sunday morning session brought conclusions of discussed topics including final assignments TCs and UICs at ESF tournaments including locations, which has to be inspected.

This kind of structure looked finally very successful for all parties and we did next step for unification and more professional running ESF competitions. We have to have in our mind, that ESF is running the most number of the events yearly amongst all of other international softball confederations and ESF should be model for others.

Here are several topics, which were discussed:

·         Coin Toss will be used just after the first round robin for ALL tournaments except the ESCM

·         Resolution of ties: ESF is ranking purely by runs against

·         Paramedics have to arrive 30 minutes before the game at the field

·         Scorer: SIC has the possibility of changing the schedule at all the time

·         Communication between several locations: multiple mobile phones for the TCs, one location: walky talkies

·         Media/Photographer:

o   No any on the field during the game

o   No scouting behind the backstop!

·         Communication between teams and officials: asking the organizers in advance for a local mobile phone for TC Chair

·         RECOMMANDATION for both fields at an A tournament and the first field of a B tournament: Fully covering of the batter’s box and the pitcher circle and sliding path around the bases from 3m out

·         Disciplinary Policy: we are clear with the definitions and are aware of possible incidents, which are NOT falling under those criteria

By Gabriel Waage