TRIPLE BALL (Balkan or Southeast European) CHAMPIONSHIP will have its first edition in Sofia from April 23 till April 26.

Bulgaria will be hosting national teams from Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Romania, Serbia and Slovenia. 

April 23rd and 24th baseball and softball fastpitch tournaments will take place and in the morning of the April 25th the Balkan Champions will be determined in the final games. The rest of the event will be dedicated to a slowpitch tournament and other non-sport activities.

"The idea is after the first two and a half days to bring boys and girls (men and women) together for the slowpitch event and there, in more relaxed atmosphere to give them chance to have more fun but still competing." Said Youri Alkalay, president of the Bulgarian federation.

This event will be organized every two years. It should be a great experience for the players. Congratulations to the Balkan region on stepping up the challenge and finding ways to increasing level of their softball.

You can follow this event here