Balkan Games (sports events for the countries from Balkan Peninsula: Albania, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, FYROM(Macedonia), Montenegro, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia and Turkey) are one of the oldest international sports event in Europe (since 1929).

Balkan Baseball, Softball and Co-ed slowpitch Championship (Triple Ball Balkan Championship) was organized in Sofia, Bulgaria from 23 to 26 of April, 2015 with the support of World Baseball Softball Confederation as a regional event of a completely new for our sports format:

It not only combines 3 sports in one event, but also gives chance to the athletes after 2,5 days long intensive games to have more fun, but still compete in more relaxed atmosphere of the Co-ed slowpitch event.

Figures in total

Five countries participated in the first Triple Ball Championship : Bulgaria, Greece,  Romania, Serbia and Slovenia.

148 female and male athletes took part in the baseball, softball and co-ed slowpitch competition.

6 presidents of federations in the region were leading their delegations: Greek Softball; Romanian Baseball and Softball; Serbian Softball; Slovenian Baseball and Softball; Bulgarian Baseball and Bulgarian Softball.

12 coaches and official from 7 nationalities, including New Zeeland and USA, lead their teams.

4 venues hosted the events:

-          National Sports Academy (artificial grass) – softball games from round robin 

-          National softball field at 73-rd school – softball final

-          Diana baseball field –games from baseball from round robin 

-          October baseball field – games from the baseball and co-ed slowpitch tournament, including finals, opening and closing ceremony

28 games were played in total during the 3 competitions (10 in baseball, 8 in softball and 10 in co-ed slowpitch).

Over 1500 spectators attend the fields in four days.

4 TV stations, including National TV (Chanel 1) broadcasted reports from the event and press conference.

2 national radio stations announced the event with 3 interviews and scores in the news

6 national and 2 regional newspapers published the results and articles for the event

All above mentioned media attended the press conference on April 17 at “Sofia – European capital of sports 2018” Information Center.

100 posters (size A2) were produced and exhibited at public locations in Sofia

4 vinils (3x1.5m) with the name of the competition and logo of WBSC were produced and exhibited at the venues

Final Standings


Baseball: Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia, Greece

Softball: Greece, Bulgaria, Serbia, Slovenia

Co-ed slowpitch: Bulgaria, Serbia, Slovenia, Romania, Greece


Bulgaria, Serbia, Greece, Slovenia, Romania


MVP Softball – Miss Artemis Traikapi (Pitcher – outstanding performance)

MVP Baseball – Mr. Dimitar Nasapov (Outfielder, two homeruns (one grandslam))


Opening ceremony:

First pitch (with softball) was performed by Mr. Belcho Goranov – Secretary General of Bulgarian Olympic Committee

First pitch (with baseball) was performed by prof. Nikolay Kolev – Dean of National sports Academy “Vasil Levski”

Closing ceremony:

Medals and trophies were presented by Mr. Andre Van Overbeeck – president of ESF and Youri Alkalay – Secretary General of Balkan Association

Special awards:

Bulgarian Olympic Committee awarded Mr. Van Overbeek with the medal “Sport for one peaceful world” for his contribution for development of the sport of softball in Europe. The medal was presented by Mrs. Zdravka Iordanova – member of the board of BOC, Olympic Champion (rowing, Montreal 1976)

Youri Alkalay

President of Bulgarian Softball Federation

Vice-president of Bulgarian Baseball Federation

Secretary General of Balkan Softball Association