Despite the uneasy situation in Ukraine, softball and baseball is still developing.

Kiev Baseball School (KBS) was founded with the assistance of the Kiev Federation "Baseball and Softball" and with support of PONY Baseball and Softball to popularize baseball and softball among children and youth.

Last few years, representatives of Kiev Baseball School have been active in schools in Kiev and other Ukrainian cities and they've been working on attracting students to play baseball and softball, familiarizing them with the rules of the game, its history and the basic techniques. KBS offers the parents a chance to participate with their children in the classroom.

Coaches are working on the development program based on an exciting children's pastime, which is similar to BeeBall in incorporating the elements and rules of baseball and softball. The program's building blocks are active bat, ball and glove exercises.

As they grow up, the kids can go to any club for professional baseball or softball training.

In the recent years several school championships, tournaments for children and open school leagues were organized. In 2015 Kiev Baseball School students participated in the European 14U Championship.

Softball club "Nika" also took part in the Kiev Baseball School (KBS) program and invites all girls in Kiev's schools to try the game of softball.

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