On April 25th, 2015 a sports picnic called Spring Awakening was organized in Kiev.

The main purpose of the event was to popularize baseball and softball among Ukrainians. It turned into one of the most beautiful baseball-softball events of the last few years.

In a large city park various recreational activities were organized; baseball and softball contest, workshops with ball players from various Ukrainian clubs, barbecue, bars and live music.

From 11 am until 9 pm all the spectators near the field were entertained by the DJ. Sport assistants willingly explained softball and baseball rules to the guests, who could also try hitting and throwing the ball.

In addition, two friendly games were played. Nika Lugansk faced the Kiev Panthers in a friendly softball game, which for Lugansk was a practice game before the Ukrainian Championship, and for the Panthers their first game after a long break.

The official baseball game of Super Cup KBL 2015 was played between the 2014 champion (the Bees) and the 2014 cup winner (the Alligators).

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