On the 1st April women’s national team from Indonesia came to Prague to gain some experience.

The team came into uneasy weather when the snow didn’t worry about softball at all. However even though women from Indonesia showed their passion and strenght and played even through some serious snowing. They played a number of friendly games against some Czech top teams and attended the first spring tournament in Prague. For the team it was a preparation for ther SEA Games, played in June in Singapore.

Two weeks later men’s national team flew in Prague for their part of preparation for the World Championship. They not only played the top Czech teams, but also junior and senior Czech national teams. It was a great experience for all the teams that took part in this event.

Czech Rebulic was very excited to host this special guest from Asia and is hoping to welcome Indonesia or another foreign team next year again.

Here's a video from the event and we’re also bringing you a short interview with one of the women’s national team’s players – Cresida Mariska:

“My experience in Czech was awesome, it was our first time playing in the snow and it was different! We’ve got to play some good teams and seen what kind of softball level they are and what we need to learn from”

“What I like the most about Prague were all those beautiful ancient buildings they have. However, I had a hard time getting help in the area because most people there don’t speak English.”

“It was really benefitting for us softballwise because we had the chance to play many different teams that had different ways to play. We also experienced some hard situation while playing such as the weather condition we had to face with, but we managed to deal with it. We practiced ourselves to be in a pressure situation then found ways to get out of it.”

“I really hope I get another chance to visit Czech Republic or any other European country that I’ve never been to, like Spain.”

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