Team Netherlands will play at the World Championship for the second time under the coach Israel Nukunuku (from New Zealand). Israel lives in Sweden now, but gained a lot of experience coaching different national teams of New Zealand but also Denmark at the top world events. This will be his 7th World Championship, where also his brother will participate as the captain of the New Zealand national team.

1) What does the preparation of team Netherlands look like?

The team’s preparation for Worlds has consisted in trainings every week, as well as 9 games played at Zeist Slot tournament. It also has seen two or three training camp weekends. Which the last one was the past weekend as well as 4 more warm up games when in Canada.

2) What are your goals for the World Championship?

The goals that we have set with team is that we are determined to be better every game always looking for improvement

3) What is it like to coach a team from a different country (and continent)? Is Dutch softball different from that of New Zealand?

Coaching in a different country is rewarding as I get to be passionate about the game I love. The language barrier is always hard but with being clear and precise it helps with coaching. It's not too much difference between the countries they all like to hit homeruns and turn double plays, just in Holland there is a limited amount of players in the game.

14th Men’s World Softball Championship will be held in Saskatoon, Canada from June 26th to July 5th.

Together with the Dutch team, another three European countries will participate: Czech Republic, Denmark, and Great Britain.

Take a look at the Dutch roster for the tournament below:


Jeffry Visser      5              P

Arjan Baanen     4              P

Jeroen Mulder   9              P

Niek Nieuwenhuizen     43           P

Anthony Beaumont        22           C

Merlijn Brink      12           C/OF

Glennsig Polonius            19           IF/Captain

Tim Verbrugge  25           IF/OF

Eldrick Dijkhoff  14           IF

Enrique Javier    28           IF/C

Randy Lo-A-Tjong            8              IF

Jerome Wouters              49           IF

Revin Brooks      15           OF

Randy Reiph       20           OF/IF

Rien Smulders   6              OF

Jeff Delfina         10           OF



Idel Raap             7              OF

Julius Veeris                       



Israel Nukunuku               77           Head coach

Ben ten Pas        44           Assistent coach OF

Marlon Comenencia       2              Assistent coach IF

Peter Kolderie   3              Assistent coach Pitching

We will keep you updated and informed about the event. For more information visit the ISF website