On the second day of the EChCG, two teams - Great Britain and Russia - had two games scheduled. The other teams will be in the same situation in the following days.


The second day in Nuoro started with a productive inning for Belgium, who scored twice after two successful hits. The bats were quiet on both sides and the pitchers ruled the game until the bottom of the 5th when two hits by the Belgian players and a dropped fly ball by the Spanish pitcher resulted in another three runs. The shutout leaves Spain with no runs scored in the tournament so far. Belgium 5, Spain 0.


The Russians came well prepared for their first game of the day. On the other hand, their opponent from Great Britain didn't perform well on defense as every single run of this game was accompanied by an error or two. As a matter of fact, the score 8:1 speaks for itself. The Russians scored in three out of the four innings they've played. Team GB only responded with a single run in the 5th inning in an unsuccesful attempt to avoid the mercy rule. Russia 8, Great Britain 1.


Unlike their previous one, this game didn't start well for the Russian team. Successful hits by the Czechs and fielding errors by the Russians took turns until the score 11:0 was reached. Pitcher change finally stopped the offensive pressure of the Czech team in the first inning, but not for long. The Czech batters added two more runs in the second, assisted by two fielding errors again. The Russian offense finally responded with three hits in the bottom of the fourth, resulting in only a single run on the Russian side, though. That wasn't enough and the game ended on a mercy rule - Czech Republic 13, Russia 1.  


In the evening game, the home team faced Great Britain. Despite their last game being filled with fielding errors, The British defense came unchanged into this one and stayed stronger, but not strong enough. The Italians managed to hit the pitches well and kept scoring from the first through the last inning of the game. The Brits couldn't keep it together in the third and recorded a few errors in their stats. The Italian pitcher only allowed two hits throughout the whole game, which ended quickly in less than an hour on a mercy rule in the fourth inning - Italy 10, GB 0.

Photogalery day 2

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