The third day in Nuoro brought another four games between the U16 girls teams. Today's schedule included two games for the squads of Italy and Spain.


Unlike Tuesday - a day full of games ended on the mercy rule - day three started with a very tight game. Although, when the Russians scored three runs in the third inning and added one more in the fifth, the game seemed to be almost decided. However, in the bottom of the fifth Spain started the offense with two single shots to the outfield, causing a pitching change in the Russian defense in hopes of stopping the Spanish batters. But the Russians had to face another four succesfull hits. Two fielding errors helped the Spanish team take the lead, too - as The Russians failed to score again. Spain thus celebrated their first win in the tournament. Spain 5, Russia 4.


The second game of the day took a little bit over an hour with three and a half innings played. Just a quick look at the stats would do the job of describing the game well enough. 12 hits by the Italians, 0 hits by the Belgians. 4 errors by the Belgians, 0 errors by the Italians. The highlight of the game definitely was the third inning, when 7 hits by Italy also meant 7 runs (with no fielding errors!). The course of the game was disrupted at a certain point by Belgian protests against the umpires' calls with no effect on the final score, though. Belgium 1, Italy 13


Another quick game, another mercy-rule game. The Czechs scored in every single inning, while only one British player reached first base on a succesfull hit, along with another two who were walked. However, that didn't result in any runs for the British and the Czechs remain the only undefeated team in the tournament. Great Britain 0, Czech Republic 10


Almost a two-hour game closed the third day of the EChCG. Spain was the first to score early in the game, the Italians managed to close the first inning with a strike out, leaving the bases loaded. Another offensive pressure followed immediatelly by the opponent. The score was tied after the second inning at 2:2. The Italians however took a big lead in the third, as they scored 7 times, and then added two more in the fourth and another two in the fifth. The Spanish found no answer to this. Spain 2, Italy 1

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