Last round-robin games were played today in Nuoro. Top four teams will have a chance to make their way to the finals. Two teams ranked fifth and sixth are out of the game.


The program started with a game between Great Britain and Belgium. It was anticipated that this game's winner will make the playoffs, unlike the loser. Belgium scored early in the game and maintined their tiny lead 1:0 untill the last inning when the British were able to capitalize on two fielding errors, ending the game on a bases-loaded walk. Great Britain 2, Belgium 1. 


Spanish players had their last chance to improve their position in the scoreboard and were able to create pressure on the undefeated Czechs. Spain scored first, but the score kept changing in every inning. Each team gathered 9 hits, but the Czechs were more effective. Spain 5, Czech Republic 8  


Czech Republic started off strong with three runs and kept the Belgian offence from scoring. Despite two pitching changes, Czechs scored three more times and confirmed thier undefeated status as well as the first place in the scoreboard. Czech Republic 6, Belgium 0.


All the fans in Nuoro were anxious about this game. The winner would make his way straight to the semifinal game against Czech Republic. The Italian pitchers allowed only two hits and walked zero batters. And were supported by a strong line up, especially in the six-run fourth inning. Russia 1, Italy 10.


1. Czech Republic 

2. Italy

3. Great Britain 

4. Russia 

5. Belgium 

6. Spain

Tomorrow, Czech Republic and Italy will play the first semifinal game at 7:30 pm, winner will advance to the final, while the loser will have another chance on Saturday at 5:00 pm.  At 5:00 pm, loser of the Great Britain and Russia's game will remain at fourth place. The winner will face the loser of the previous game with a chance to get into the final.

Don't forget that the Saturday's games will be video streamed live. We will keep you updated and provide the links on the ESF Facebook page.