European Championship Women has passed its opening day with a bit of rain and a bit of sunshine.

The tournament was opened with the Croatia vs France game, France winning 9:1. Both teams' batters produced a similar number of hits, however only the French players were able to transform them into runs, when they hit one after another in the sixth, scoring 7 points.

13 games total were played today, with the "overall" score 143:11. As this is the round robin part of the tournament, there were only four 7-inning games, the rest ended on a run-ahead rule.

The day was closed by a game where the "home" (although technically visiting) Dutch team didn't let Germany score a single run and won 10 to 0.

A bit of Dutch rain also tried to complicate the opening day, but only caused an hour delay and all of the scheduled games have their results.

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