Second day of the European Championship Women – sixteen games, two extra-inning games, twelve mercied games, three-run walk-off homerun

Day two started with the longest game of the day. Russia played France for two hours and sixteen minutes. The game was very tight until Russians scored 9 runs in the seventh. The score 14:1 doesn’t look like what the game looked like.

Four games with no runs on one side were played later that day back to back. First, Netherlands vs. Israel: 15:0, Sweden scored 14 times, leaving Denmark with zero. When Italy vs. Greece was finished, the highest number of the day – number 20 was on the scoreboard. Russia is closing the series with 15:0 against Poland.

First extra-inning game was played between Slovakia and Switzerland, both teams did well in their offence, but also accumulated a number of defensive errors. Switzerland didn’t manage to get their runner from the second base to score in the 8th inning. Slovakia won the game after a hit and a fielding error.

Another tie-breaker game between France and Spain had to be decided in the 10th inning. The players showed some outstanding plays and the audience was pleased by a number of nice hits. After a nerve-wrecking game, Spain won 9:8.

Team Ireland, who is attending their firts fastpitch championship ever, was very happy with their performance today as Colum Lavery (team's manager) said: „Yesterday, we got our first runners on the bases, today, we scored our first runs. Tomorrow, we might win our first game!“

Evening game; Italy vs. Great Britain was expected to be a tight game of a few runs. However, Italians  showed a great performance lead by Greta Cechetti in the defence (14 strike outs) and with a strong line up. The game was closed by a three-run walk-off homerun by Casteli.

The last round-robin games are scheduled for tomorrow. Germany and Sweden will play for the second spot in their pool at 11:45, Ireland will fight for their historical succes at 16:15, playing Slovenia. Make sure to follow the afternoon games, when the stronger teams will meet, therefore tighter and more thrilling softball is expected.

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