European Championship in Co-ed Slowpitch continued with day 2 on Wednesday.

A 6 run rally in the 8th inning by team Ireland was enough to break the tie against Germany. With the final score 23:20, this was the highest-scoring game at a EChCS at least since Prague 2010.

Team GB proves its dominance and remains undefeated (having added another 3 wins) - the remaining teams are more or less competing for the second spot after the round robin, which guarantees a medal and a chance to play in the final. Currently at second place, the Czech Republic defeated Ireland 15:3 and Lithuania 24:6 after they had lost to Great Britain 18:4. Lithuania is still struggling to record their first win in the tournament as they will have three more chances to change that on day 3 (against Bulgaria, Ireland and the Czech Republic).

The other 3 teams' record is 3 wins and 3 losses. Germany lost all three of their games on day 2, both Ireland and Bulgaria won 2 and lost 1.

Halfway through the round robin, Steven Hazard (GBR) is leading the batting stats with 7 homeruns and a respectable slugging percentage 2.571 in his 14 at bats. As far as defense is concerned, Daniel Spinks - the British pitcher - has allowed only 16 hits, bears an ERA of 0.44 and reamins the only pitcher who hasn't allowed any homeruns.