4th Edition of EMRYT started on Wednesday August 12th and is held in Collecchio, Italy.

Ten teams are participating in this tournament, which became an official ESF tournament for youth players – girls U13. Any team can sign in, therefore there are national selections playing as well as clubs.

Three participating teams came from Russia: Moscovia, Moscovia Marino and GBU SD 42 Moscomsport, there are also two teams from Czech Republic – Czech Stars and Joudrs, another two teams are Italian: Italy 1 and Italy 2. Akademiks came from Bulgaria, Gepardy Zory from Poland and London Cubs came from Great Britain. ESF is very happy that a solid number of teams decided to participate in a tournament for this category. We’re hoping for the popularity of this tournament to rise.

In the first two days, teams divided into two groups went through their round robin games. Teams from the same country were divided to not to play in the same group.

At the end of round robin Russians and Italians showed that they came better prepared than others. Team Italy 1 won the group A and Italy 2 placed second in group B. Russian GBU SD 42 Moscompsort placed second in group A and Moscovia took the first place in B group. These four teams created a new group – C - where they are facing the teams that they have not played yet. Later they will continue into the softball-classical page system.

Remaining six teams are now called group D. Each of the teams has three more games scheduled for the upcoming two days and the final standings will be determined accordingly.