European Massimo Romeo Youth Trophy is a competition for girls under 13 years old, the tradition of this tournament started in Collecchio, Italy four years ago and is held until today. With ESF’s support and cooperation this event will keep on going as one of the development tournaments for the youngest players in Europe, therefore the event is also presented as Festival of Youth.

Every year, two Italian selections attend this tournament as well as teams from Moscow. Also teams from Czech Republic and Great Britain like the chance to let the youngest players experince an international competition. This event is typically not only about games themselves but also about an experince abroad, new friendships, memories.

Fourth edition was hosted in Collecchio again, 10 teams participated: Akademiks (BUL), Italy 1 and 2, Moscovia (RUS), Moscovia Marino (RUS), GBU SD 42 Moscomsport (RUS), Czech Stars, Joudrs Praha (CZE), London Cubs (GBR), Gepardy Zory (POL).

Ten teams were divided into two pools. According to their performances the top four teams were determined. The remaining teams played for their final ranking. All these games were decided quite clearly, there was just one game, London Cubs vs Moscovia Marino, that was very tight untill the last pitch. 11 runs were scored in the Russian offensive pressure in the second, meanwhile the British team kept their offence active throughouth the whole game. Moscovia Marino won this game closely 13:12.

The top four teams played each other and a typical page system followed. Italy 2 and Moscovia played an extra-inning game when fighting for advancing straight to the final game. In the tie breaker Italy managed to score twice, however Russians did even better job scoring three runs! These were the only runs of the whole game. Pitchers did an outstanding job when only allowed a few succesful hits. Also both defences played wothout an error untill the extra inning.

Italy 2 had another chance to deserve their spot in the final game. Italy 1 lost 0:5 to Russian GBU SD 42 Moscomsport and remained at the fourth place. So it was Italy 2 vs. GBU SD 42. Another tight game, the score was 3:2 again. And Italy 2 came out as the loser again. After three editions of this tournament a non-Italian team would win this competition!

The final game: Moscovia vs. GBU SD 42 Moscomsport. These young players showed an outstanding performance, they’ve played a single error game! Moscovia gathered 6 succesful hits. Moscomsport came to the 5th inning losing 2:6, they’ve managed to score, but just a single run was not enough.

Final Standing:

1  Moscovia (RUS) 

2  GBU SD 42 Mos. (RUS) 

3  Italy 2 

4  Italy 1 

5  Czech Stars (CZE) 

6  Gepardy Zory (POL)

7  Moscovia Marino (RUS) 

8  London Cubs (GBR) 

9  Joudrs Praha (CZE) 

10  Akademiks (BUL)

photos: Facebook

scoring: ESF website