Prague Softball Summer didn’t start very well…it actually has not started yet!

After two weeks of tropical temperatures and non-stop sunshine, two days lasting rain has come to Prague. Not a single pitch, not a single swing, not one play-ball call.

Two days' program was cancelled, fields are flooded, TC’s have prepared new schedules for their tournaments and everyone is hoping that the weather won’t let us down again tomorrow.


Originally the nine teams only played one-group system. To save some time, the teams are now divided into two groups, where they’ll play each other. After that, the four teams ranked first and second in their groups will enter a page system. Winners of the pools will have a straight chance to advance to the final, loser will later face the better one from the second teams matchup. Loser of this game will remain third, winner will make it to the final. Remaining five teams will play the squads from the opposite group that they’ve played in to determine their final position in the scoreboard.

New schedule available here


A tournament with 13 participants is more difficult to reschedule. Here’s the TC’s decision: The games of the first round are five innings with no new inning after one hour and forty-five minutes. (If the said number of innings is not complete at one hour and forty-five minutes, the Technical Commissioner shall call ‘No New Inning’). If the home team is at bat and is already ahead, the game is complete. If not, the inning in progress will then be played to completion or until the home team draws ahead. If the inning in progress ends in a draw, extra inning(s) will be played until a result other than a draw is obtained. All extra innings will be played under ‘tie-break’ rules.) Pool H is not being played anymore. The first two teams of Pool E/F will qualify for the page-system games. The game for the 9th spot is cancelled. There will be a ‘new’ game scheduled for the 5th spot.

New schedule available here

ECW in Dupnitsa was not affected by bad weather at all; all games were played according to the original schedule.

There was a tight game between Spanish Sant Boi and French Les Comanches. The winning run was scored in the seventh inning. Spanish squad also won their second game of the day and took the first spot after the first day. There are six teams in the tournament and three of them only played one game today. 

Three more days of games ahead of us.