European Super Cup Men is the top European men’s softball event for this season. 23 teams are attending a tournament that is also a part of Prague Softball Summer, which started with women’s cups.

The tournament has started on August 24th and is held in three ballparks in Prague (played on four fields). The teams were divided into four groups. First day brought two extra-inning games; BSC Quick (NED) vs Czech U23 went for the extra inning with score 1:1. The Czechs finally managed to hit better, meanwhile the Dutch players added a few errors. Junior Black Sox team, who are a special guest to this event, played against Radotin, a hosting team. It was an evening game, therefore the atmosphere asked for a game like this. The Black Sox scored in the second on an error, however Radotin took the lead in the bottom of the same inning after the Black Sox pitcher had some trouble getting the pitches into the strikezone. Score 2:1. Black Sox came back in the top of the seventh and tied the game, they even had two more runners on bases, but no more runs were scored. In the eighth inning, the Black Sox started off strong scoring 3 runs, taking a nice lead, however Radotin managed to score 4 times after Black Sox’s miscues on defense. Black Sox had four pitchers take part in this game.

After two days of great softball, the last round-robin games were scheduled. Two matchups deciding on the pool leader were played. Hippos (CZE) played against Pro Roma (ITA), both teams were undefeated until this point, a little bit of unexpected happened though – the Italians scored 11 times in four innings and with the Czechs not being able to hit successfully the games finished early on a run-ahead rule. The other deciding game: Bulls (DEN) vs. Beavers (CZE). Beavers took the lead early in the first, Bulls tied in the fourth. The Danish players managed to hit in the right moment with two runners on bases later in the sixth and got closer to the win. The Czechs started their sixth offense successfully, after a hit, a stolen base and an error, a runner was on third. And much needed hit was actually hit. The batter also stole second and with two outs, Beavers were hoping to tie the game or even better, take the lead. They weren’t able to hit anymore though and Bulls won their pool.

Three days of the European Super Cup Men continue with the second phase, where there are two groups - SC and ESF. Teams are playing the placement pool within the ESF group. Meanwhile there are playoff games being played in the SC pool.

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Games from the main field – Radotin are now broadcast by, watch the top men’s softball live!