Both men's and women's National Championships were played in Israel this season. We're also bringing you an announcement about the National Cup winner from Israel.

Babe Gillett Memorial Fall Tournament is the official name of a tournament, that actually is the National Cup. Team Gezer09 defeated the Warriors 10-0 in 5 innings.

Gezer got off to a quick start with one run in the first, but the Warriors kept it that way through 3 and a half innings. In the bottom of the 4th, though, Gezer's bats finally got going, and the lead ballooned to 7-0. 3 more in the bottom of the 5th finished things off, and the championship was secured. Michael Marunov pitched a no-hitter for Gezer, allowing only a single walk in his 5 innings of work, and was clearly the Most Valuable Player in the game. For Warriors, it was just an honor to have reached the Final game, and it is clear that if they are to take the next step in their development, they will have to work to overcome Marunov. 

Team Gezer 09 also proved their strength in the National Championship and doubled their success of this year with the National Champion title.

The Tel-Aviv Tigers team won the 2015 Spring season championship, beating the Beit Shemesh Fire Balls team 11:6. Lea Margolis pitched for the Tel Aviv team and got the MVP award for the second year in a row. Tal Meyerhaim did a good job behind the plate. Yeela Tmari, Noa palley, Maayan Barash/Yona Habber-Taller and Judith Nosgorodsky with solid defense in the infield, and an amazing catch by center fielder Mara Seidel, along with Dena denkberg's and Robin Kuris's good job in the outfield, plus aggressive offense by all the Tel Aviv players, led Tel Aviv to win this game. Congratulations on the title!

-HNov, Michael Marunov-