During 2016 ESF Congress TC meetings came up with a number of news and changes.

An interesting request had come forward regarding the ESF Massimo Romeo Youth Trophy (EMRYT) tournament – that U-13 boys to be allowed on the teams subject to proper restrictions to ensure the safety of all players.  Many teams in this age group practice and play with boys and girls together, and this amendment was designed to support the further development of youth softball in Europe.  This proposal was approved by the Congress and it is under discussion how to implement the idea for the 2016 EMRYT.  

The development of European players is one of the keys to European softball expansion, and is one of the main reasons that has led to a new definition of a Pick-up Player (PUP) in the ESF Regulations.  Anyone who does not hold a passport from a country affiliated to the ESF is considered a PUP.  In other words, all citizens of ESF-member countries are allowed to play for any European club in Cup competitions where licenses are required.  This rule is easily enforceable and verifiable, and will hopefully provide more opportunities for European players in the competitions.  This change will be made to the Competition Regulations, Section 7.

A slight change was made to the ESF Technical Code in the matter of Resolution of Ties when a certain number of games are cancelled. This change will be made to the Competition Regulations, Section 6.

One of the ESF’s newly-established competitions, the European Softball Masters, has finally found an organizer – Club SaBaT from Prague, Czech Republic.  The announcement of this tournament has been greeted with enthusiasm and positive feedback.

However, implementation of the European Men’s Slowpitch Championship has been postponed until 2018 due to lack of entries.

All official competitions for 2016 have now been alloted and organizers can begin their preparations.

2016 Events

The Championship U 22 Women – EChU22W is allotted to Pardubice (CZE), Jul. 4th – 9th  

The Championship Men – EChM is allotted to Montegranaro (ITA), Jul. 11th – 16th

The Championship Junior Women – EChJW is allotted to Sant Boi, Gava (ESP), Aug 1st – 6th

The Softball Masters - ESM is allotted to Prague (CZE) Jun. 22nd  – 25th

The Super Cup Coed Slowpitch – ESCCS is allotted to Wr Neustadt (AUT), Aug. 2nd – 6th

The Massimo Romeo Trophy – EMRYT is organized in Collecchio (ITA), Aug. 10th – 13th

The Premiere Cup Women – EPCW is allotted to Ronchi d.L., Cervignano d.F.,(ITA) Aug. 15th – 20th

The Cup Women – ECW is allotted to Most (CZE), Aug. 15th – 20th

The Cup Winner’s Cup Women – ECWCW is allotted to Ostrava (CZE), Aug. 15th – 20th

The Super Cup Men – ESCM is allotted to Azzano, Staranzano, Castions (ITA), Aug. 29th – Sep. 3rd

2017 Events

The Championship Cadet Girls – EChCG is allotted to Ostrava (CZE) Jul. 10th – 15th 

The Championship Women – EChW is allotted to Bollate (ITA), Jun. 25th – Jul 1st   

The Championship Junior Men – EChJM – NOMINATION OPEN

The Championship Coed Slowpitch – EChCS – NOMINATION OPEN

-Helena Novotná, cover pohot by Dirk Steffen-