Prague, July the 18th, 2013: The upcoming European Championship received a new web presentation! The organizing committee alongside with the company prepared new website for the tournament. Along with a new modern design, the current version offers the visitors also a way better co-operation with social networks and multimedia. However, you can also look forward to a professional expansive coverage of all the events around the championship.
The new website of the European Championship can you find on

What can you find on the new websites?

  1. Full-value information service from all the matches, including the games from the test-tournament during the Prague Softball week. Each match of the championship will be available to watch in play-by-play coverages, every game will be also followed by a game report with the coaches reactions, results and statistics.
  2. Emotions and reactions of the team members. Before and during the championship, we will offer you the opinions and ratings from the players, coaches, stewards and other persons connected with tournament through the interviews and post-match reactions in both languages, Czech and English.
  3. Information from the tournament’s background. The European Championship is not just about the matches. It is also a special atmosphere with lots of emotions as well as a chance to get unique experiences and an opportunity to meet some interesting people. Therefore, the insights and remarks of our redaction will be revealed to you at the websites and social networks.
  4. We want the feedback from you. The website visitors will have a chance to share their opinions at the discussion forum and polls or send the questions for the web redaction or organizers. The web redaction will also reply on the question on social networks.
  5. Social networks interconnection, concretely Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Thanks to that the articles, videos etc. will be easy to share through the social networks. Official Facebook account is aimed mainly at the Czech fans, the Twitter profile will be written in English and the Web television will work at our YouTube account. All of those information channels will be operated by the website redaction.
  6. Extensive photogallery and videos at our website TV. Each modern website presentation can’t do without quality pictures and videos. You will find there up-to-date pictures from both sport grounds, we prepare also videos introducing the players, post-match interviews, daily summaries and curiosities from the background. All videos will be available to find at the championhsip website and YouTube. There will be also some people outside the website redaction, who will take care of the videos.

We believe our new website will fulfill your expectations and offer fans the opportunity to be around the upcoming European Championship. You can share your feelings about the new website at the discussion forum, main page polls or „Fan’s questions“ section. More info to the Women’s Softball European Championship can be found at the official website There will be also an updated profile of the championship on the main social networks as Facebook ( and Twitter (

About the Women’s Softball European Championship 2013
This year’s XVIII. European championship will be held in Prague, during July the 7th – 13th in the grounds called Svoboda Park in Bohnice and SaBaT Trója. The tournament under the head of the European Softball Federation (ESF) with a tradition since 1979 is held every odd year. In 2013, host of the tournament is the Czech Republic, which held the championship for the last time so far in 2005. Prague will host 19 national teams divided into four groups, in which the teams will face each other to fight their ways into the play-offs. The Championship won’t reveal only the new European Champions, but also the qualifying teams for the 2014 World Championship in Netherlands.

The Czech team finished fourth in the last championship. At its own grounds, its ambition will be higher and the players would love to fight their way into the final game with the support of the home crowd as well as the leadership of the national team coach, André Prins – an expert from the Netherlands. His experiences from the past years, in which he stood behind many European teams, could be useful in the medal goal. Among the best opponents of the Czech team, there are all the last medalists: the Netherlands, Italy and the United Kingdom. However, the strong teams from Russia and Spain can also play their role. If the Czechs will succeed in reaching their goal, we will all know on Saturday, July the 13th 2013.

2013 XVIII. EChW, Prague (CZE): 7 - 13 Jul