The last round of European Softball PhotoFESTs is over and we’re announcing the winner!

Professional, semi-professional and enthusiast softball photographers submitted some of their best photos for the theme “the most attractive moment of the game”.

88 photos were received from a total of 25 photographers. Our five-member jury together with our Facebook audience decided who would take home the main prize of 200 euros.


… Cristiano Gatti, who sent us this incredible diving-catch shot. Congratulations!

But there’s more – Cristiano’s photos also took the second and the third places! Well done, Cristiano! It was the jury, who picked his photos as their favorites.


Technically, Cristiano would take all of our prizes. As we wanted to reward the best three photographers, authors of the photos that placed fourth and fifth will take the second and the third-place prizes in our contest.


… Jordi Cortadella for capturing this action on the bases. Congratulations! 

Jordi’s success is an example of how important the public vote may become in this contest – Jordi’s photo received the second highest number of likes.


… Krzysztof Leśniewski for his black and white action shot. Congratulations!

Krysztof’s picture was also one of the jury’s favorites.

Congratulations to all the winners and thank you to everybody who participated. We can’t stress any further the gratefulness and recognition we’d like to express to you, photographers, for all the great and hard work you’re investing into taking these amazing shots, sharing them and spreading the love for our sport.

-Helena Novotná-