Andrea Marcon becomes the new President of Italian Baseball and Softball Federation.

He won the election on November 26th by 6,165 votes, representing 51.33%. His opponent, Massimo Fochi, received 5,825 votes, representing 48.66%.

Andrea Marcon has recently stepped off his position of the ESF Director of Umpires because of his candidacy. “He’s always been a person you can rely on. It was great for us to have Andrea supervising the ESF umpires. We’re very thankful for all the hard work he’s invested into moving the umpiring in Europe forward,” said Gabriel Waage, ESF 1st Vice President.

Today, the first day of December, marked the first day for Andrea Marcon as the FIBS president. Two of the FIBS Vice Presidents were also announced today - Fabrizio De Robbio and Vincenzo Mignola.

 According to, one of the main focuses of the new president will be growth of youth baseball and softball.

Marcon also sees transparency as one of the key principles for successful development of baseball, softball and the Federation itself.

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-Helena Novotná-