Elections in Greece and Czech Republic

2011 has started for some of our member federations with elections in their boards. The federations from Greece and Czech Republic have reported their results: GREECE Elections were hold on January 10, 2011 resulting in a new Administration Council: President: Mr. PETRIDIS Nikos Vice-President: Ms. RINAKI AIKATERINI Vice-President: Mr. XATZIGEORGOPOULOS Antonios General Secretary: Mr. MAZARAKIS Stamos Special Secretary: Ms. KOLLIOY Maria Treasurer: Mr. BELLOS Christos Members:  Mr. KYRIAKOPOULOS George Mr. THEODOROU Spyros Mr. KALODOUKAS Konstantinos Ms. SYMEONIDOU Smaragda Ms. KONSTANTINIDOU Anny CZECH REPUBLIC Elections of the Executive Board made by the General Congress of the Czech Softball Association were hold in Prague on January 22nd, 2011. The General Congress CSA elected the new Executive Board for the next 4 years cycle (2011 – 2014): President: Mr. Gabriel WAAGE First Vice President: Mr. Jan HORA VP for National Teams: Mr. Tomas KUSY VP for Competitions: Mr. Pavel KRIVAK VP for Development: Mr. Dusan SNELLY