My name is Ane and I practice softball since 2006 due to a bet with two of my classmates. I started playing for Ordizia, a team of my hometown and after some months practicing I was called by the national team. I was 14 when I wore the jersey of my country for the first time in my life. When I started playing I used to play on third base/shortstop until my coach decided I had to be a pitcher and started practicing for it. Nowadays I just pitch on my team and that´s my biggest passion.  

Thanks to softball I have had the opportunity to travel throughout Europe and part of the world: France, Italy, Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, Poland, Czech Republic, Bulgary, Austria, Canada, Venezuela, Cuba… In 2007 I played my first European Championship with the Spanish national team in Pilsen (C.Republic) and since then, I´ve almost worn the red and yellow jersey every year. Apart from that, I have played about 4-5 European Cups with my team and with other foreigner teams. I also have played in different teams. For the last 3 years, after finishing my season in Spain, I have played the second round of the polish league and the Puhar (Polish Cup) in Poland with Warsaw Diamonds. Our season in Spain starts in March and we play every Sunday in the morning. I practice in the field 4 times in a week and I work out almost every day.

by Ane Barandiaran

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-Helena Novotna-