The new brand - Softball Europe - was introduced today to the 23 federations who came to the European Women's Softball Championship.

"Softball Europe is all of you, coaches, managers, players, volunteers," said Gabriel Waage the ESF President at the TC meeting of the tournament.


"It's not just a logo, it's the whole concept, that should help us communicate softball as a sport to everyone, who may not even know our sport yet. The logo represents the one thing that is the most typical for our sport - the yellow softball - but there's more into it. The stitching is not just a stitching, it shows movement, it shows that we're developing and moving forward, it's dynamic. Together with other graphics, the whole concept of introduction of our sport goes together really nicely. We believe, with this strong campaign we're starting a new era of softball in Europe," said John Austin, the ESF VP for Marketing.

Our new brand, Softball Europe is being developed as a way to promote the sport of softball rather than the organizations that administer and run the game in Europe. 

We all are Softball Europe. The players, the coaches, the umpires, the parents, the fans, the organizers, the volunteers, the managers, the photographers... 

Softball Europe was created to be used by everyone who loves softball and wants to see it and help it grow and expand. 

Use #lovesoftball as much as you can, let everyone see your passion, make everyone know the sport of softball.

The new campaign is based on strong graphics, which help people understand the major aspect of our game. The campaign is also using #lovesoftball as its tool.

The ESF logo will still remain in use for the institutional purposes. More about the new campaign and all the changes are described in this flyer: Softball Europe digi.pdf

-Helena Novotna-