Eight teams were placed into the ESF Cup bracket at the Men’s European Super Cup 2017. They played double-elimination round to determine the playoffs and the final standings of the whole tournament.

FINAL GAME: Stabroek Chicaboo’s vs Amager Vikings

Despite their earlier loss, Vikings were clearly the stronger in this game.  They started by scoring three runs taking advantage of the opponent’s errors.  The Danish added three more runs in the third after a series of hits.

Chicaboo’s had troubles with their hitting against the young Kiwi Liam Twigden.

The game ended after the fifth inning with a score 7-0 for the Vikings, who won the ESF Cup. Chicaboo’s placed second and repeated the situation from 2012 when these two teams took the same positions in the final standings.

SEMIFINAL 1: Stabroek Chicaboo’s vs Amager Vikings

Chicaboo’s took a 1-0 lead right in the first inning. And they were able to hold on to the lead throughout the whole game. They showed some good offence having hit four times and leaving the inning with a score 4-0. Marek Joska pitched a good game for the Belgian team, only in the seventh inning, the Vikings were able to show some strength and gathered three hits and two runs. The final score was 6-3 and the Chicaboo’s made it to the ESF Cup final.

SEMIFINAL 2: Amager Vikings vs Bears

Three pitchers from both teams took part in the game. Giorgiadis hit three for three with two RBIs. Vikings gathered eight hits, Bears seven. The final score was 6-4 for Vikings, who advanced to the final of the ESF Cup. Bears took third place and bronze medals.

-Helena Novotna-