Updated FINAL ENTRIES - Withdrawals and Entry Fee

The document FINAL ENTRIES has been updated with all 2011 ESF tournaments with changes highlighted in orange colour. It can be found in the section Documents > Competitions situation & Forms. Important information for participants: DEADLINE TO WITHDRAW FROM COMPETITIONS ENTRY: As per decision of the Febr.2010 Executive Council meeting, a team may cancel its entry without penalty by notifying in writing to the Secretary General before March 1st for that specific Competition.   PAYMENT OF ENTRY FEE: The Entry Fee must be received by the Treasurer before March 1st to avoid any penalties. For financial matters contact ESF treasurer Eddy Van Straelen at treasurer@europeansofball.org    *** Important to respect the deadlines in order to avoid penalties! ***    Note: For the 3 Competitions that do not have an organizer yet (ECWCWB, ECM and ECWCM) both deadlines (to withdraw and to pay) will be postponed to 30 days of the official announcement of the appointment of the Organizers of the Competitions.