The final day has arrived. Teams of the placement pool have been awarded, the top four will fight for medals today.

Both Great Britain and Germany managed to win both of their C-pool games. They are entering the page-system from the first and the second positions. Their game starting at 10:45 will determine who will have the advantage of being the home team in the first semifinal game at 15:00.

The Dutch and the Czech have not seized a single win in the C-pool. The situation is the same for them as in the GBR-GER case. However, one of these squads will leave the tournament with no medal on their necks. At 13:00 these two national teams will match up. The loser will take the fourth place in the tournament. The winner will play at 17:00 against the loser of the GBR-GER game in the second semifinal.

Games of the placement round were completed yesterday to determine the final standings for the remaining three teams. Italy placed 5th, Belgium 6th, and the Irish 7th.

The final game of the Men’s Slowpitch European Championship will take place in Choceň, the Czech Republic at 19:00. The game will be brought to you live on our Facebook page.