From the 23rd until the 28th of July, 17 European teams will compete to earn the title of U-22 Women’s European Champion of 2018. The in total 67 games of this tournament, will be played on three different fields in Trnava, Slovakia.

In the first two days of the tournament, the round-robin games have been played. This determined the top eight. Until now, four teams remained undefeated in their pool which are the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, Russia and Great Britain. The other four teams which complete the top eight are Ireland, Italy, Belgium and Poland with each one loss. These teams are now divided into two new groups (E and F). When the games of the second phase are completed, the top six will create group X, from which the top two teams will advance to the final and the 3rd and the 4th will meet in the bronze medal game.

Group E: Belgium, Czech Republic, Great Britain, Italy

Group F: Ireland, Netherlands, Poland, Russia

The remaining nine teams have their newly set up pools (G and H) as well. Their standings taken from these pools will later determine which place will they fight in their final games for.

Group G: Greece, Israel, Switzerland, Turkey

Group H: Austria, Hungary, Slovakia, Ukraine

- Romy Marinus -