The second day at the Qualifier has brought the first of the deciding games where top teams matched up. 

Temperatures close to 40 degrees Celsius make it an uneasy tournament for both players and spectators.

France 11 - Botswana 2
Game highlights: France scored 8 runs in the first. It felt like a never-ending inning. The French pitcher didn't allow a single hit. Kimane Rogron (FRA) was 3 for 4.

South Africa 0 - Great Britain 15 
Game highlights: The game only took three innings. Thandi Malebama recorded the only hit for RSA, Sydney Brown (GBR) was 3 for 3.


Czech Republic 0 - Italy 2
Game highlights: Greta Cecchetti destroyed the Czech lineup with 11 strikeouts (7 of them back to back) and only two hits allowed. Gulia Longi stared in the game with an RBI double, and an incredible diving catch that has stopped the Czechs from taking the last possible breath in the 7th.


Netherlands 7 - Spain 0

Game highlights: The Spanish team showed some really good fielding skills throughout the game and proved their team has made remarkable progress. The Dutch hit 7 hits and scored 7 runs - once again - an effective offense.


-photos by Sascha Schneider-